Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sheboygan Lutheran High School supposedly getting "threats" from "union members."

Any questions about the extent of the conservative indoctrination going on at Sheboygan Lutheran High School?

The other day, Sheboygan Lutheran got the "bump" they needed from Fox News! But to make this story even more appealing to those who literally get goose (step) bumps hearing kids shout "stand with Walker," Fox news took the lead from school principal Al Holzheimer, who complained he was now getting "threatening" phone calls from people who identified themselves as "union members." You can't make the following stuff up.
Fox reporter: "Remember they didn't mean this to be political, they're saying it was a pep rally. Well then the school started getting these threats from people who identified themselves Megyn, as "union members." 
What did Holzheimer consider "threats?"
Holzheimer: "IRS is going to come, and ah, ah, crawl all over your building, the fundamentalist, you guys are a new cause now...Um, that's pretty (garble) what I heard in my voice could you support such an evil person as Scott Walker."
Real threatening...? But the punch line for me was this:
Reporter: "One student put it this way, he said this was nothing more than a episode of school spirit that coincidentally...went political."
Inadvertent political chanting? And who has this kind of Fox News connection?

The whole missed point was the rank hypocrisy of conservatives who whined and complained about anti-Walker "union indoctrinated" students who showed support for their teachers, and their drooling approval of their own "stand with Walker" students zombies.

Fox News Reporter: "The principal by the way said, they're reminding these union callers that these after all, are high school students that they're making threats against." 
Getting back to the original point I was making on a previous blog; If this is the kind of conservative indoctrination going on in private religious schools, should taxpayer money go to these schools in the form of educational vouchers.  Keep in mind that there are no rules banning politics from private schools that take public money, unlike our highly scrutinized public schools. This may be one of the biggest flaws in the voucher movement yet, and something Democratic lawmakers should focus on.


  1. Proves yet again that tightie righties can dish it out, but they sure can't take it. They think that they shouldn't be held responsible for anything while casting aspersions on everyone else.

    You know the word I have for people who can dish it out and can't take it? PUSSIES. The Sheb. Lutheran school folks chose to visit Sen. Leibham's office, and then the students conveniently gave pro-Walker chants right afterwards, and we're not supposed to believe that the 2 are connected?

    I agree that this exposes another voucher school flaw - what is being taught in this cult school of 140, outside of good basketball? If these average 262 trailer trash type thinks the UW is an indoctrination factory (laughable, by the way), what the hell is Sheboygan Lutheran?

    The rules apply to you too, righties.

  2. My kids go to this "cult" school as you call it for your naive convenience, and they are smart enough to know that government overspending is jeopardizing their future. I don't necessarily agree with Scott Walker's politics, but I respect him for having the guts to address the financial mess our country is faced with today.

  3. Enjoy paying double for your kids' college, and I'm sure your kids will love it when they can't get a good-paying job because Walker's wrecked the state economically. And by the way, we're in a bigger budget deficit now than we were before Scott Walker showed up, with fewer people working and significantly more money being spent in this year's budget than the last one. So much for your "fiscal responsibility" in the face of "government overspending."

    Unlike what is taught in church, facts are not allowed to be independent of reality. Sounds like you and your kids both might need to get of the indoctrination factory.

  4. Yeah, Walker to the rescue of gov't overspending. Yet he's the biggest spender in state history, not only pushing through a budget with record spending, but avoiding obligations by refinancing loans years into the future so he doesn't have to repay them on his own watch, raising interest costs to younger taxpayers. And then creating new deficits by giving tax breaks to his business pals. Oh, yeah, so responsible. All fixed now!

  5. You can not make the indoctrinated believers of fictional faith think anything else except what they want to believe, facts do not apply to them, only what is feed to them by their so called leaders of faith is important to them, facts are superseded with the fanatical desperate beliefs of fear what will happen if they don't follow their indoctrinated instructions. Do as instructed if they don't want to burn in hell, they'll condom and be damned for all of it.