Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Farmers looking to save money with Solar!! Maybe they should tell their Republican Politicians.

A lot of rural voters are typically conservative, yet you would never know it by their embrace of money saving alternative energy sources. From WBAY:

Rising energy and fuel costs are forcing Northeast Wisconsin farmers to change how they're run. Wisconsin Public Service's Farm Show … and one thing that was apparent is how energy plays a role on the farm … farmers are hoping to find new ways to increase their profits.
While Republicans politicians have a tantrum over taxpayer subsidies for alternative energy, their voters see solar and wind as a way to SAVE money. Crazy isn’t it.
"I've got a son that wants to take over the family farm and wants to do something efficient that's going to last and be profitable," Stevens Point farmer Bob Biadasz said.

Farmers are looking at new ways to reduce energy costs. Solar energy is one of the options available at the expo. Waupaca Clean energy told us the average farm uses 88 solar panels, which can produce up to 20 kilowatts of power. Depending on the size of the farm, it can save up to 50 percent on its energy costs.
Again, Republicans continue to tell us solar isn’t ready for prime time, and a waste of money:
But those eventual cost savings require quite a bit of money upfront. Making the transition to solar can cost around $85,000, depending on the size of the farm. The federal government offers tax credits that can help cut those costs in half.

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