Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eric Hovde's ads...Numb the Mind.

And just how dumb is it to say
"a job creator can create jobs?"
Hovde is lowering our IQ's!!!
Dumb Ron Johnson's ad campaign is starting to look "brainy" compared to the multimillionaire ranting of Eric Hovde, who's running for Herb Kohl's senate seat.

Johnson got away with bashing the Affordable Care Act because no one in the media knows anything about health care...nothing. Dumb Ron Johnson claimed it put the country a trillion bucks in the hole, when in fact, it was paid for. Yeah, I thought that fact was important, silly me. By the way, he still thinks that.

Hovde has already made the often repeated false claim by Johnson that the Affordable Care Act will cost $1.7 trillion, well over the CBO's original estimate. Of course he and Johnson have left off the REVENUE side of the equation. No really, they both did, so the actual cost is a lot less by about $600 billion or so. And that's not all the revenue either when you include the cost savings from changes in the marketplace.

I wonder if Hovde would be so careless as to leave off or forget about the revenue side of his business? Just a thought. I said as much at his Facebook site, because these arrogant big money know-it-all's say their bullshit without every having to back it up with facts.

God I hate these people!!!

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  1. Only a job creator, not government - can create jobs. That's why I'm running for government. See? -- Johnson and Hovde