Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ryan forgets Obamacare "Job Killer" in plan to avoid Debt "Crisis."

Looks like someone forgot their pocket list of talking points, and instead ruffled the feathers of teabilly simpletons. While conservative talkers make it seem like it goes without saying ObamaCare is a job killer, although no proof of that exists, Paul Ryan has again abandoned the base and left them out to dry. Guess ObamaCare isn't the job killer they thought, after all.

Great Recessions are jobs killers, but who can remember that?

Check out the response screen captured here:
TPM: House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) latest proposals to avert a potential debt crisis made no reference to the Affordable Care Act, an omission that left hardline conservatives miffed.

In an op-ed published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal, Ryan called for "common-sense reforms of the country's entitlement programs and tax code" to be included in any debt limit deal, but he never explicitly proposed reforms to the health care law. And for that, some on the right used Twitter to throw shade at the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee.

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