Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Walker wants to help people transition from government dependence, whether they need it or not.

Scott Walker admits:
"I believe the vast majority of people today, who are dependent on government, don't wanna be."
Brilliant. Did Walker come up with that one himself? He'll face a tea party backlash for that one.

But more revealing is the big government Republican plan to use government largess to literally push dependent people out on their own, whether they like it or not. Walker says he's "helping people:"
"The idea of helping people transition from government dependence to true independence..."
See, Walker's "push" will strengthen their character, and make them...more desperate than ever to take whatever low pay job comes along. A big plus for business.

It will also look good on Walker's resume, showing a magical decline in food stamp recipients, fewer people taking unemployment and reduced dependence on Medicaid. They've been...disappeared.

While Republican state majorities tell Democrats to shut-up and wait till the next election if they don't like it, they have a different message in D.C., where the minority won't take no for an answer.

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