Saturday, May 3, 2014

Republican Secessionists Convention #1

Wisconsin State Journal reporter Mary Spicuzza is covering the GOP Secessionists Convention, providing the following tweets, from the beginning:
Phone charger hat...
Rep. Brett Hulsey says he is dressed as a Confederate soldier to highlight "Republicans' racist agenda" … his "confederate soldier" hat also serves as a phone charger … calling himself Gen. Bass Ackwards … GOP delegate Pam Stevens says Brett Hulsey's Confederate soldier uniform is racist and offensive.

Matt Walker, son of @GovWalker, says "if we want to be competitive again, we've got to reach out to young voters." @RebeccaforReal to convention goers: "The future is bright if we have Matt Walker on our side."
This is one of my favorite "in the tank for the rich" lines uttered today:
Mary Buestrin, national GOP committeewoman: You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
A slightly higher percentage hike in taxes will destroy the rich? Surreal
. There's even more insanity, projection and BS:
@SpeakerVos on Assembly Republicans at GOP Convention: We will do whatever it takes to make sure voter ID becomes the law in Wisconsin.

Sensenbrenner: Not only should Common Core go in the waste basket, it should go in the paper shredder & be used as confetti (when defeated)

@RepPaulRyan" Americans are wising up to the false promises of liberal progressivism."

US Rep Tom Petri walks on stage to "Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland) by The Who.

U.S. Rep Sean Duffy says 4 lanes were closed by Gov. Christie in New Jersey, complains it more coverage then Benghazi

U.S. Sen Ron Johnson says four Americans died in Benghazi because of Hillary Clinton's "dereliction of duty."  ...  Shawn Johnson ‏@SJohnsonWPR The first boos at the state GOP convention today are for Hillary Clinton. Sen. Ron Johnson talking to the crowd about Benghazi    ...   Sen. Ron Johnson: The Democrats, the liberals, the progressives, they’re relentless in their denial of our freedoms.
Best suggestion yet: Walker asked for prayers before money. Let's hold him to it:

@GovWalker tells GOP convention crowd: “We appreciate the financial contributions… but what I appreciate the most is your prayers"

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