Monday, May 12, 2014

Conservative Radio is Dying along with its aging Audience. Ever wonder why they don't brag about their ratings?

Not another conservative talk show host? Why not.
YDR: Cumulus Radio Group is betting that listeners and advertisers will find Rep. Mike Rogers ' hearty voice, contempt for right-wing ideologues and expertise in national security inviting.
But as the radicalization of right wing radio gets even more shrill and ridiculous, listeners are taking a hike:
Two years ago, Limbaugh called a then-Georgetown University student a "slut" after she testified to Congress advocating contraception. Limbaugh's comments led to an advertising boycott and since then, his ratings have dipped in key markets.
Here’s something I didn't know, and conservative radio listeners never bring it up:
Cumulus, with stations in some of the largest markets ended its contract with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a socially conservative commentator, after just 20 months because the show failed to lift ratings.
What, no one is listening to these long winded boring incessant complainers? I thought they were so much more interesting than liberal talkers. Good news for liberal radio guys like me:  

"Ultimately, demographics are going marginalize this sore-head brand of talk radio," Cooke said. "We have 95 million millennials who are about to take over the American economy."

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