Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wisconsin Congressional Boys Club, who Blocked Funding the VA and wanted to kill ObamaCare, now Loves Veterans Socialized Medicine with no Cost Controls.

The Roll Call feature in the Wisconsin State Journal is a revealing window into the kind of world envisioned by Republicans. This is how they're really voting, minus rhetorical spin and distractions. 

Their no compromise agenda is all but ignored by the media, who oddly still finds the time to beat up on Sen. Harry Reid for not compromising as much as he should. 

Below, you'll see how health care for veterans is somehow different from health care for the voting public:
FISCAL 2015 MILITARY BUDGET: The House authorized a $600.7 billion military budget (HR 4435) for fiscal 2015, including … nearly $60 billion for active-duty and retiree healthcare …. The bill bars higher co-payments or enrollment fees in the military healthcare system.
It got a big thumbs up from Paul Ryan, James Sensenbrenner, Tom Petri, and Reid Ribble. Sean Duffy was busy expanding his family to 9.

You’ll notice the incredible hypocrisy; while the GOP pushed high deductible health saving accounts for the past 2 decades, they now hate them. So what did they do that would cost taxpayers even more? They barred co-pay and deductible increases for veterans. Why not do the same for your constituents in ObamaCare guys?

GOP Rejects Democratic motion to HR 4435... prohibit the awarding of contracts under HR 4435 (above) to companies that fail to pay a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour or provide pay equity between male and female employees.
GOP adopts their own Amendment to HR 4435...; 
...that would bar the Department of Defense from spending funds in its fiscal 2015 budget on programs that address climate change. A yes vote was to prohibit military spending to deal with climate change.
Voting to not hedge their bets climate change is real? Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri, Ribble. 

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