Thursday, May 1, 2014

Walker plays race card and claims his Voter ID law wiped out 100% of "Fraud."

Wisconsin's voter ID law was predictable loser to everyone but Scott Walker:
WPR: Judge Adelman decided to strike down the voter ID law, saying it violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act because it disproportionately affected black and Latino voters.
Walker’s insulting “only racist call other people racist” response is dog whistle politics at its lowest.
Walker: “I think that's an insensitive comment, to imply that one group or another is more or less likely to be able to get a driver's license or photo ID card,” Walker said. “I think it's pretty clear that people—regardless of race, regardless of income—have perfectly acceptable access to getting identification in the state of Wisconsin.”
Walker's “I know you are but what am I” comeback says more about his intolerant inner child than how desperate he is to win reelection. It was also pretty clear 9%, or 300,000 Wisconsinites didn't have what Walker demanded.

And when Judge Adelman found no evidence of voter fraud in Wisconsin (big surprise), Walker went over-the-top; not even one vote canceled by fraud would be tolerated. Who knew Walker’s Voter ID law made elections error free...perfect:
“The question I have for him or anyone else is, ‘Ok, tell me, identify which person it's alright to have their vote canceled on?' Because if there's one vote cast by someone who's not legal to vote in this state, that means at least one legitimate citizen of this state has had their vote canceled out by someone who voted illegally,” Walker said.

Heck, why even have elections then? But if we counted every fearful conservative worried about having their vote canceled…see, fraud.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

What fraud? Walker's own DOJ admitted UNDER OATH that they could find one case where someone tried to impersonate another voter. It's a disgusting dog-whistle to the delusional losers in bubble-world, more befitting some basement boy calling Icki's show than a governor of a state of 5.7 million.

Also notice that whenever cornered, this guy always goes back to "divide and conquer." Adjusting to facts and reality does not exist in Walker World, and it proves yet again why this lifetime grifter is unfit for office.

C'mon media. Stop seeing dollar signs and tell the truth about this scumbag

Anonymous said...

Here is the bottom of the form requesting a birth certificate from Douglas CO.NE (my birth county-Omaha).

If applying by mail, please send
the following to the above address:
Completed application form, clear
photocopy of the requestor’s current government-issu
ed photo ID (i.e. driver
’s license),stamped, self-
addressed, business size envelope, and pay
ment by check or money order.

This is a classic catch-22 to get a birth certificate to apply for a state ID you need a legal ID.

Don't get me started on "Florida" residents (snowbirds) voting in 2 locations (friends in the 262 exchange).