Thursday, May 8, 2014

CEO's Rank Scott Walker's Wisconsin High on Business Again, just in time for Special Interest Ad Campaigns.

I love it when CEO’s praise Wisconsin under Scott Walker…gee, what a great place to do business. And why wouldn't these “jobs welchers” like it here.

With all the attention and tax cuts, they want that gravy train to continue…so they've again ranked Wisconsin high on their list. It couldn't hurt. Hey, it’s sounds good in a campaign ad too. From WISGOP:
Today, CEO Magazine released their rankings for “Best and Worst States for Business,” and Wisconsin – under Governor Walker’s leadership – jumped again and remains one of the best states to do business...
...without jobs...
...The state is now ranked 14th in the nation for best states to do business, which is a stark contrast to Wisconsin’s poor and declining rankings during Mary Burke’s tenure as Commerce Secretary.
Remember, this is an empty and ridiculous ranking based on slightly loopy cocktail sipping CEO's opinions, without all those profit draining jobs.
“Through Governor Walker’s leadership, our economic rankings have improved each year, which is a stark contrast to Mary Burke’s policies.
It’s astonishing how the state is kicking everybody’s ass:
2010, before Walker took office, Wisconsin was ranked 41st in the business rankings. Since that time, his pro-growth policies have resulted in the state moving up an astounding 27 spots. Under Burke, the state continuously declined in the rankings, sliding down 8 spots from 25th to 33rd.
Gee, I wonder what the job numbers were for comparisons sake of course, knowing Wisconsin had 72,000 more jobs than now under Walker.

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  1. Boy, CEO Magazine? I'll put that right up with Art Laffer's ALEC know which states NOT to invest in.