Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Conservative CNBC News anchor feels disconnected from his party, and boldly says so.

It’s refreshing to see this kind of honesty coming from an actual news man who admits to being a frustrated conservative, abandoned by his party.

Some might believe this is just another chance to GOP bash, but that would be a cop out. We can see it right there in a slew of recent polls showing the GOP being consistently out-of-step with their own voters opinions. From Talking Points Memo:

A "Morning Joe" panelist Donny Deutsch suggested that pocketbook issues weigh more heavily on voter's minds at the polls than Benghazi does, CNBC anchor Brian Sullivan disagreed. He said his conservative father frequently asks him why the media doesn't care more about the 2012 attacks in Libya.

"Can we stop saying 'the' Republican Party?" Sullivan said, making air quotes with his hands. "As somebody who grew up in a conservative household, I don't recognize the Republican Party of even my youth. I don't like what I see. I don't like the far right, I don't like the extremism."

He added that as a fiscal conservative who isn't religious, supports same-sex marriage and mostly supports marijuana legalization, he feels the GOP has pushed him away.

"I don't know who the Republican Party is anymore. I don't know if the Republican Party knows who the Republican -- because it's not a party, unfortunately Republicans, that I can get on board with," he said. "Because I don't like the small-minded attitude, a lot of the far right stuff that comes out -- I should go home now."

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  1. So what's his stance on tax increases? Seeing as he's a fiscal conservative and all.