Thursday, May 22, 2014

Paul Ryan will only feed rural kids in summer lunch test program, cutting off urban children!!! Racist partisan move toward disenfranchisement?

The abandonment of government funding to typically Democratic voting areas was bound to happen sooner or later.

This grossly partisan move is sadly led by Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan, whose dystopian political agenda is as historically disturbing as Joe McCarthy’s black mark on the state. He’s set in motion a plan for the disenfranchisement of his political opponents. Call it a test case for a test lunch program to feed children in the summer. As reported by TPM:
House Republicans are pushing to restrict a low-income food aid program to children in "rural" areas … the proposal scales back an anti-hunger school lunch demonstration program set up in 2010 to feed "children in urban and rural areas" during the summer months when they're on break.

As first reported by Politico's David Rogers, the GOP bill brings down the $85 million in funding to $27 million and limits the program to only rural kids in Appalachian counties.

"Excluding children from urban areas … is also mean-spirited. Hunger isn't bound by per capita population data, and children in urban areas shouldn't be penalized because of where they live," House Appropriations Ranking Member Nita Lowey (D-NY) said. 

Said a House Democratic aide: "It's not clear to me if this was a fuck-up or if it was plainly mean-spirited or what happened. But we're going to work to change it."
Here’s hoping Ryan’s Democratic opponent Rob Zerban gets the word out that the growing and dangerous political divide in the country is about to get even worse, if that was even possible.

Hat tip to Cognitive Dissidence's Jeff Simpson for finding this story. 

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