Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WISGOP's Brian Schimming stumped and stumbles over Voucher School Failure explanation...ah, now it's about student safety.

The studies have been very clear about the voucher and charter school failure in Milwaukee. Over 22 years and counting, it's not working. If you include the rest of the state, the story's the same; private voucher and charter schools don't measure up. It's that simple:

It's one thing to be a professional conservative spin meisters like Brian Schimming, vice chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party and WIBA fill-in talk host, but it's something completely different to even suggest the WKCE statewide test scores aren't a legitimate way to measure progress.
"Well first of all, I take...ha-ha...issue with some of those...some of those tests, and some of those studies. But even without that, the Milwaukee school district is so troubled..." 
22 plus years Brian, still nothing, right? Schimming's folksy chuckling is not just grating but a familiar tactic used to stall and make bullshit sound like off-the-cuff common sense.

Republicans like Schimming don't care about the numbers and the voucher failure, it's now all about school safety. Nice way to duck the research. Here's audio from WPR:


  1. Are vouchers limited to low income students only? If so, then the comparison needs to be between public school low income students and the voucher students

  2. Anon, but wasn't it the SCHOOL that was failing AND failing the student to achieve, regardless of income? Wasn't that the whole argument for school vouchers? That somehow private schools would lift poor and underperforming students because "failing" public schools could not?