Thursday, May 1, 2014

Limbaugh's Excellence In Broadcasting (KEIB Los Angeles) ratings fall behind College Radio.

Exploding the myth of Limbaugh's excellence:
There's only one radio station in America that takes its name from Rush Limbaugh's radio empire and that's KEIB in Los Angeles -- the EIB mirrors Limbaugh's "Excellence in Broadcasting" motto. Clear Channel, which syndicates Limbaugh's program nationally, owns the station and flipped the call letters to KEIB in honor of him in January. Three months later, Limbaugh's KEIB is a ratings disaster, coming in 37th place in the second largest radio market in America with a .5 rating share in March, the most recent month available, according to Nielsen ratings … eleven non-English radio stations have larger audiences in Los Angeles … And so small that KEIB actually trails four college-run, non-commercial stations in the market. This, for a man who makes $40 million a year to attract big radio audiences?

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