Saturday, May 17, 2014

Praise the Job Creators? So this is the free market...Are we picking winners and losers, Scott Walker?

Ah yes, the job creators.

Oh sure they're tough on the unemployed, but Republicans don’t mind rewarding the corporate welfare class for never paying enough to attract workers or plan ahead.

I never understood why companies didn't maintain apprenticeship programs for their own damn good.
Or why they didn't raise wages to attract more workers, or for that matter, interest more people in their line of business.

But because they didn't, it’s now up to taxpayers to foot the bill:
WSJ: The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development will award grants totaling $1.5 million to help 37 employers in 15 counties train about 2,200 manufacturing workers for new jobs or better pay.
Don’t ever tell me that these guys are the “job creators” again. 

This tweet responded with a false premise: That I would agree to shutting down tech schools. Both tech schools and private apprenticeship programs can work simultaneously.

This all or nothing mindset by the ultra corporate welfare right is showing its true colors. 


  1. Why has it taken so long for others to notice this behavior, perhaps desperation?

  2. Even more ridiculous is that these "job creators" won't pay anything near a decent wage, and then they can't figure out why they can't find employees and need taxpayer bailouts to hire apprentices.

    I think we see who the real "takers" are.

  3. I simply don't have time to check them all. Started from the bottom, last on the list receiving free money is WMC member and the pres/owner has contributed to Ribble Campaign.

    Next up Xten Industries Kenosha, CEO donated to Dems but appears a significant portion of the work is done in China, all the molds for plastic injection. Their news page listed a recent grant for $54K for worker training in conjunction with local tech college. This current grant requirement would require an amount equal to the grant being matched by the company which means the tech school, (stated as doing the training) should be receiving a matching amount.

    I brought the WI Fast Forward grants up when I found out about them three months ago and still don't see where compliance and reporting from the grant recipients is to be noted.