Sunday, May 25, 2014

Republicans Propose VA Privatization.

Republicans are now exploiting the VA scandal to push VA health care privatization. They must be doing that because our system worked out so well before the Affordable Care Act.
TheHill: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) suggested ... "I don’t want to get too far out front with what the cure is until I understand how bad the disease is," he told The Columbus Post Dispatch. The Speaker also floated the idea of privatizing the department, according to the paper. No details were offered, however.
Of course not, details are never given because most people would be appalled by if they knew what privatization would really do. The VA is already allowing vets to go to some private hospitals, and may expand it from their.

Here's that Chris Hayes clip again, with a look at the possibilities, with Bernie Sanders:

Remember, the VA hospitals and doctors are all government employees, a system similar to the British. Single payer is different, in that the government is the insurer, and the private sector provides the care. 
Reports last month suggested nearly 40 veterans died while on a secret wait list at a Phoenix VA clinic, though it is not clear if the deaths were a result of the long wait time.

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