Saturday, May 10, 2014

Opposition to Common Core isn't about education, it’s pure politics.

It will be interesting to see how far the U.S. descends into the abyss before the public notices their government has completely collapsed. I also worry that Americans might get used to dysfunction, accepting their place in society as something they blame themselves for, and not their political party. 

Common Core is showing us all why we can no longer government ourselves like a real country, which makes me nervous as hell.

ObamaCore? Forget it. Leave it up to the states to prepare their kids for the global market, with 50 experiments going on at the same time, and no real way to know it’s working.

Because Common Core is a set of standards, and not a curriculum, it would seem hard to argue against it since each state can come up with their own localized plan. Common Core is dependent on each state taking the same agreed to tests, since that’s only way to measure the success rate of each state’s quality of education. Makes sense, right? Nope, not to some.

And opponents of CC know just how to kill what they consider a government takeover and a liberal propagandist curriculum; create their own test, lower standards and have higher scores. At least it will look good.

Teachers hate it too? But the media is also making things worse with headlines like this:
Chicago Union Passes Resolution Opposing Common Core
But that’s not true either…
…they support the standards themselves but think implementation has been lousy, with states and districts failing to provide enough teacher support or high-quality curricula. 
There’s nothing nefarious about Common Core, but you can't tell that to our paranoid right wing. Extremely conservative forces say no to reform, because it's a secret European plan to dumb down America. But we don’t need Common Core to do that, since we’re about as dumbed down as we can get. Proof? Check out this interview from WKOW's Capitol City Sunday, with losing DPI Superintendent candidate and Republican Rep. Don Pridemore, who thank god isn't running again. This is what we're up against:

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