Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Burke tied with Walker again!!!

It's a dead heat:
jsonline: Democrat Mary Burke (is) drawing closer to Republican incumbent Scott Walker in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll.

Among all registered voters, including those currently seen as less likely to vote in November, the two candidates were tied at 46%. In the last poll, on March 26, Walker held a 48% to 41% lead over Burke among registered voters. Charles Franklin, director of the poll, said the results were a "noticeable shift" in favor of Burke. Among likely voters — an important measure in a lower-turnout midterm election — Walker leads 48-45.

Sure Walker benefiting from the national recovery, and using it to get reelected, that's the irony. But the "jobless" message is getting traction finally, and voters we hope are suspicious. Maybe this career politician really doesn't know how to attract business and jump start consumer demand after all:
Burke is seen by those polled as more likely to care about people like themselves and also has an edge in that more people feel Wisconsin is lagging other states in job creation rather than leading them. She has experience in a private business, something that voters in the poll said was important to them. 

Burke's gain was largely influenced by women and younger voters moving in her direction, according to Franklin.
The strong right wing repetitive messaging has made the truth a thing of the past when it comes to voter fraud:
(Of) those surveyed 20% said that fraud, in the form of people claiming to be someone else at a polling site, happens a "few thousand times" or more each election statewide, while 23% said it happens a "few hundred times" for each election. 21% said it happened a "few dozen times" and 26% said that it happens "less than a dozen times" in each election. Nonpartisan election officials say that voter fraud is more isolated.
Fraud is basically non-existent if you don't count felon voting. And when you have Republican politicians running things, our faith in government falls. Big surprise:
There is considerable distrust of government: Among voters, 67% agree or strongly agree that "you really can't trust the government to do the right thing." Twenty-nine percent disagreed or strongly disagreed.
Walker and the GOP majority have taken pledges never to raise taxes, so naturally that means they can't deal with the lack of transportation department funding:
There is public reluctance to pay more for highway improvements: 40% are willing to raise gas taxes and vehicle registration fees for highway projects, but 58% are unwilling to raise fees from those sources.
And finally, from the numbers here, Wisconsinites don't like the idea of either Paul Ryan or Walker running for president. Take hint nation:
More people would rather see Rep. Paul Ryan run for the president in 2016 than Walker: Ryan: 38% want to see him run; 51% don't. Walker: 27% favor a run; 67% don't.

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