Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Switcheroo: Walker test coming…how many of the dropped BadgerCare Adults signed up for ObamaCare?

Scott Walker would be sweating the numbers if he wasn't such a sociopath. 

Our genius con man of a governor must report real numbers to show how many BadgerCare adults he kicked off of BadgerCare transitioned into the marketplace.

But will the people dumped from BadgerCare sign up in the exchanges knowing they can’t afford the co-pays and deductibles? And if they did signup, how many were doing it as a gamble, knowing they’d never be able to cover the costs?

That was my thinking when I bought a Health Savings Account. I never had any money in the savings account, and gambled I would never need it. I got lucky. Walker is putting thousands of adults in this unnerving state of uncertainty.

Little Known Factoid Boosting Walker’s BadgerCare Numbers: If a family’s income is below 300% of poverty, the adults will be in the marketplace, but their kids will be separated out into BadgerCare. Crazy right? True, because it happened to me.

So with a little smoke and mirrors, Walker can talk bigger numbers for BadgerCare, while still getting help from the exchanges.

The conservative Wisconsin State Journal editorial staff decided to hold Walker’s feet to the fire on this one:
The math, for now, works like this: 81,731 adults added to BadgerCare minus 62,776 adults dropped from the program equals a net gain of nearly 19,000 people. That suggests some progress … but how many of those adults who lost BadgerCare because they earn more than poverty wages have successfully transitioned to Obamacare?

The Walker administration says that number won’t be available until June. But voters shouldn't have to wait longer than that. Walker’s path can work for Wisconsin if his administration meets its goal of moving “at least 90 percent” of the adults dropped from BadgerCare to ObamaCare. Yet one number won’t lie: The number of people who have health insurance in Wisconsin.
Big Lie #1: Turning down the federal money was riskier for Wisconsin ... because the immediate funding from Washington was real, while the cuts Walker fears in the future are speculation.

Walker often mentions how the state’s federal allocation of Medicaid money was cut, allowing him to say the federal government will go back on their promise to pay 90% of Medicaid. That's a lie. What no one is reporting that Medicaid payments are adjusted each year, up or down, causing a fluctuation Walker wants you to think is a cut.  

Big Lie #2: Health care premiums should decrease! Nope. The rising cost of health care is a problem worldwide, under every kind of system. We can slow it down, but cut costs? No. The only way to reduce premiums is to go to a single payer system, spreading out the costs, and lessening the impact of provider increases. Take the insurance middle man out.

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