Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Talgo Train Inc. CEO: "I don't see how any company in the future would choose to do business in the state of Wisconsin."

We’re not just seeing red state Republicans flex their social engineering skills, but they’re also interested in supporting just their own donor class of businesses. 

We've seen it in Wisconsin ever since Scott Walker became governor. Good-bye wind and solar
Deception, denial, bad faith...?
energy development, and the promise of high speed rail that not only would have joined businesses together regionally, but expand tourism like never before.

When Republicans Attack: If you’re an out-of-state business, be warned, our red state legislators don’t take kindly to strangers not already on their donor list.

Flash back to this incredible statement from a Spanish manufacturer who made the mistake of setting up shop in Milwaukee:
WSJ-November 2012: The state of Wisconsin has defaulted on an agreement to buy two sets of passenger rail cars from Talgo in Milwaukee … Talgo CEO Antonio Perez said in a statement that the company invested in Wisconsin and created manufacturing jobs but the state has instead decided to breach its contract with Talgo. "I don't see how any company in the future would choose to do business with the state of Wisconsin when the state has shown that it cannot be trusted to honor contracts that it has signed," Perez said.
Well, that was then, this is now:
AP: The state claims board on Monday rejected a $66 million claim by train-maker Talgo Inc. against Wisconsin, saying the issue is best resolved in court. The DOT argues that Talgo never satisfied terms of the deal and "has acted in bad faith since the start of the project in 2OO9, engaging in a pattern of omission, deception and denial," according to a summary of its argument by the claims board.
To all of those out-of-state businesses reading this; do you feel lucky? Well do ya?

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