Thursday, May 8, 2014

Believe it or not, Wife of Scott Walker's campaign lawyer is an assistant to Judge who threw out John Doe investigation!!!

This is jaw dropping news and an amazing conflict of interest, looks bad, appears corrupt and should be investigated:
WSJ-Matthew DeFour: An assistant to the judge who called for a halt to the John Doe investigation into possible illegal campaign coordination between Gov. Scott Walker's campaign and conservative groups is married to a lawyer for Walker's campaign.

Steven Biskupic, a former U.S. attorney who is representing a party in the secretive John Doe probe, indicated Thursday in an email to the State Journal that there was no conflict of interest for Judge Rudolph Randa, whose judicial assistant is Cary Biskupic, Steven Biskupic's wife.

Asked whether Randa considered Cary Biskupic's position in his office a potential conflict of interest or whether any steps were taken to shield her involvement in the case, Randa's office said: "Judge Randa cannot comment on matters concerning ongoing cases."
You might remember how Biskupic dragged out an investigation of former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle for political reasons.
jsonline-Dan Bice: (Biskupic pursued) an influence-peddling case against a Doyle administration official, Georgia Thompson … Thompson was a state purchasing official who was convicted (amazingly decided by Randa) of steering a contract to a firm whose executives had given $20,000 to Doyle's re-election campaign. An appeals court, though, tossed the conviction, saying the evidence against Thompson was "beyond thin."
Incredibly, soon after the prosecution of Thompson, Biskupic’s name was removed from a George W. Bush firing list after he began towing a partisan agenda designed by Karl Rove:
Karl Rove was equally unsure why Biskupic's name was later dropped from that hit list. "Do you have any information as to whether Mr. Biskupic's aggressive prosecution of a corruption case involving the administration of Democratic Governor Jim Doyle could have been a factor in the decision to take his name off a potential removal list?" asked Elliot Mincberg, chief counsel for the Democrats on the judiciary panel
."No," Rove replied.

"You can't rule it out one way or the other, I take it?" Mincberg countered.

"Can't rule it in; can't rule it out," Rove answered.

Bush administration official, Harriet Miers, was asked if Biskupic was allowed to keep his job because of his voter fraud work or his prosecution of Thompson. "I have no knowledge of that," Miers told the investigators.

So we're expected to believe there was no collusion between  Judge Randa and Scott Walker. Give us all a break.

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  1. If only I were wealthy enough, I could have a voice in government. Perhaps one day, I too, can own a Senator, Congressman, Governor... even President, if I am lucky.