Friday, May 2, 2014

Rep. Hulsey to Pass out KKK Party “Hats” to GOP Secessionist Convention Goers.

The master of the overstatement and party wacko Rep. Brett Hulsey must think that if the hat fits, wear it:
Hulsey, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate … called the hoods, which are generally regarded as a racist symbol akin to a Nazi swastika, "Republican Party hats."
“Generally regarded?” Well that’s a ridiculous media neutral description. Hulsey listed a few odd coincidences that hinted at his only logical conclusion:
wsj: Asked whether handing out the hoods would be viewed as offensive, Hulsey said, "What I find offensive is Gov. Walker and the Republicans' racist record. They’re the ones considering the resolution to leave the United States" … he takes issue with Republicans discontinuing record-keeping on racial profiling by police agencies, scaling back the income eligibility limits for Medicaid and making changes to voting policies that critics say could suppress minority turnout … A vote on a resolution affirming the state's right to secede from the union, an issue that sparked the American Civil War … he plans to hold a rally outside a Walker speech Friday with participants dressed as Confederate soldiers.
The GOP record is pretty clear isn't it? Repugnant to be sure. The party in denial's official statement?
State GOP executive director Joe Fadness said: "If true, Brett Hulsey's actions amount to nothing more than a reprehensible, vile stunt and everyone should be outraged."
In fact, if you were to look real hard, you might find racism in the GOP leader class, but not in the rank-and-file: