Monday, May 5, 2014

Dumb Guns are for Dumber Gun Owners...

Gun nuts are hypocrites. They don't want people to have a gun, a specific kind of gun that is. Oh, but tell them an assault weapon or large magazine should be're against freedom.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee called when All In with Chris Hayes featured the following story about "smart guns." Normally sane about gun regs and education, he hates the idea. Funny, I'd own a gun if it were smart and only worked for the assigned user.

You guessed it, conservative paranoia overrides intelligence and reason again. It looks like smart guns might just be smarter than dumb gun owners.

No smart responsible gun owner would oppose owning any kind of gun, right? It might even get people like me to break down an buy one. It's my constitutional right to own even a smart gun.

Here's Chris Hayes:

But the gun seller above received death threats for even thinking about selling smart guns.

Want to know about other smart gun technologies? Click here and here for a report.


Anonymous said...

What about this?

What if you're not wearing your rfid chip (as if any sane person would want one) when someone attacks?

There is nothing smart about it dummy.

Democurmudgeon said...

Who would want one? Me.

But of course, I can only buy what geniuses like you say I should buy.

I made my point in the story, which should have tipped you off to my argument to gun owners.

There are always different circumstances involving a guns use. Your example is one, but only one. So what about my Second Amendment freedom to buy a smart gun. No? You don't approve?

This smart gun is one of many not being sold; number code entry, fingerprint recognition for multiple family owners, maybe even face recognition like a cellphone camera facing the person holding the gun...Lot's of idea's not being built into guns because knuckle dragger's like you can't think beyond your heavy metal penis.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that some states have passed laws mandating all guns have this feature once one is sold on the market. This is a stupid law which would greatly reduce the freedom of all gun owners to choose what type of weapons they want to own. When the laws mandating the new smart guns include law enforcement and the military in their mandates then maybe you will get some people to agree.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above hits on the point.

"The problem is that some states have passed laws mandating all guns have this feature once one is sold on the market."

The Second Amendment guarantees your God given right to protect yourself against violence. I have no problem with you doing that with "smart" guns (dumb) or anything else.

"knuckle dragger's like you can't think beyond your heavy metal penis?" Good logical argument there.

You think we could knock off the insults ruled by emotions?

You should really read this book...

Here's a quote...

"It is difficult to formulate a composite picture of the hoplophobe, but in general he hates weapons because they represent the capacity of one man to be stronger than another by commanding skills and disciplines which he, the hoplophobe, does not wish to acquire. The man who hates weapons does not wish to acquire shooting skills because it is hard, and to him, uninteresting; and it makes him terribly uneasy to feel that there are other people who do have such skills, and that they, therefore, possess an insuperable advantage if matters should ever come to blows. Skill-at-arms is everybody's business. It is the proper concern of all free men. It cannot be left to the public sector."

I used to hate and fear guns too. Until I found out what the banksters who bought our government a long time ago are up to.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are aware of this...

Democurmudgeon said...

Perhaps your assumptions about me and my hatred for guns is wrong? Some idiots research that takes pot shots at the majority of Americans that don't want guns around doesn't sounds like a real serious study to me.

I was a pretty good shot at YMCA camp. My best friend across the street, at the age of 13, had a gun collection. I don't like guns because they kill people. Oh, remember that?