Friday, May 23, 2014

Under Walker's Act 10, Joe Schmo school board dictators push profession teachers around.

After watching the Racine Unified School District meeting featuring a few fed up teachers, it's becoming very clear where public education is headed.

And we can thank Act 10.

By keeping teachers out of the process (you know, the ones in the classroom teaching our kids), we're left with a group of elected citizens whose memory of education is 20 to 30 years behind the times. Some want to get even, some want to get government out, and some simply think there's money to be made off our commodified kids.

This is a shocking peek at how quickly the wheels are coming off our educational system, thanks to Act 10 and the end of collective bargaining.  This isn't liberal or union mumbo jumbo, this is real and dripping from every story below. An elected board of pedestrians are now in charge of teaching our kids. I've edited and compiled the more important points:

Denise Lockwood: In front of a packed room Monday night, Racine Education Association members called on district administrators to collaborate more with teachers.

Union members brought up issues of district administrators substitute teaching under false names, not enforcing blue slips, becoming lax on discipline policies, and asking teachers to pay for the cost of substitute teachers out of their own pocket.

One teacher also told the Board that three teachers were walked out the door because of allegations of misconduct without due process, which turned out to be unfounded.

All of this was brought up in the midst of a complaint involving Racine Unified Superintendent Lolli Haws, who is under investigation by the Kenosha County Human Services Department’s Division of Children and Family Services.
Thanks to the RootRiverSiren for the heads up.

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