Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walker Pleased with the poisoned Political Climate 2

In relation to my last post, I thought this Cap Times article by Paul Fanlund keeps that theme alive:
When asked if property taxes could be cut by increasing income taxes on those making $250,000 or more, nearly two thirds – 64.3 percent – were on board in the Marquette University Law School pollDo you think Gov. Scott Walker would ever stand for even modest increases on the highest compensated among us? 

Walker is, quite simply, a self-absorbed pawn of the wealthy. More precisely, he is a small, divisive, narrow-minded career politician who always has and always will put his political self-interest first, a man who has been running for something even before he dropped out of college and regards a second term as governor as merely a catapult into the 2016 presidential competition
.He always acts on behalf of the privileged while telling the middle class that government is their real enemy.

Walker’s legacy will not be what he accomplished, which is negligible, but how badly he has divided us. Walker can claim that as his most enduring handiwork. He brags, after all, about being “unintimidated” by alternative points of view, so much so that he used that word to title his ghost-written autobiography.

The election appears to me to be a referendum on the divisive Walker “style.”

When all of the millions have been spent … the election for governor should pivot on one word – character. Do you stand with the character of Scott Walker?

Or do you stand with the character of Wisconsin, the way we were and can be again?

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