Monday, May 12, 2014

Conservative Solution to K-12 Education-Cut off Funds, and Mandate Colleges adopt State's Moral Values or no Support.

Putting Republicans back in charge again, believe it or not, is still a possibility. I'm not sure what part of their agenda makes that idea so attractive. Take education.

If Republicans had their way, education would be...well, something like the suggestions below. I thought the following tweets by an actual real conservative seemed so wonderfully disconnected:
Gee, adopting state taxpayer morals isn't indoctrination is it? 

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  1. Well, teaching people to think for themselves and learn new approaches to life is quite the threat to righties.

    I pay more taxes than most of those basement boys, and I'm more than glad to have some of that go toward a first-class college education that's one of the few advantages we still have left in this state.

    But we'll make a deal. You don't have to pay tax toward the UW System, and you also get to pay the out-of-state tuition rate. DEAL?