Monday, May 5, 2014

GOP candidate Joe Leibham hopes to turn America "Red" with Moral Legislation and empowering People over...themselves?

At Democurmudgeon, I've been attempting to highlight how frightening the rightwing authoritarian movement is, as it accelerates under the extremist tea party agenda. Republicans are no longer encumbered by outdated social norms that suggest the appearance of moderation. Not anymore.
It's happening again but for real this time...

Here comes Rep. Joe Leibham, candidate for the congressional seat being vacated by Tom Petri.

In the highly edited interview below from Upfront with Mike Gousha, I've selected the now common language used by Republicans everywhere, that is neither subtle or ambiguous.

Leibham cluelessly repeats over and over how he wants to empower people over government, treating government like a separate dark looming entity. Which ironically, is just how Republicans would like it to be. Quite simply, it can happen here:

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Anonymous said...

"Better Dead than Red!"