Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Conservative "Institute for Justice" tries to discredit Judicial Branch.

Recent conversations with my ideologically unmovable conservative friend in Milwaukee made it clear to me he no longer believes in debating the issues. You see, the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and big government according to my friend, and any defense of it is a waste of time. That was easy.

This over simplification is consuming the whole Republican Party, who by the way, defeated the tea party by joining it.

The conservative fringe group, the MacIver Institute, is leading the way with the following finely crafted piece of propaganda dissing the entire judicial branch of government. When that’s gone, only then will we have real freedom and liberty. Love the crazy name "Institute for Justices:"
Clark Neily, Senior Attorney at the Institute for Justice, explains that judicial abdication is the deliberate attempt by judges to ignore their responsibility of enforcing constitutional limits on the size of government. One example Neily provides is the absolute overreach by the US Supreme Court when they rewrote the in individual mandate aspect of the Affordable Care Act law.
GOP successfully vilified legislative branch!
Neily now wants to extend the public’s loss of confidence in the legislative branch to the judicial branch. Heck, they're already working on reigning in all presidential power (only under the Democrats). 

From the judicial activism of Citizens United, to the ridiculous declaration that an object like money is free speech and state granted corporations are people, rightwing authoritarians are okay with these kinds of decisions. But if even one decision like the Affordable Care Act doesn’t go their way, suddenly judges everywhere are abdicating their responsibility to enforce the constitution? 

I’m getting the uneasy feeling that they're very close to getting their one party socially conservative dictatorship. It's already happened in Wisconsin.

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