Sunday, May 11, 2014

Grothman wants to lead GOP Social Engineers and Cut Safety Nets that take from everyone else.

Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman is wonderfully open about what really bothers conservatives most. He's a  giant picture window into their despair, their envies, their paranoid fantasies and mean spirited disciplines.

Despite what public opinion polls are telling them, Republicans like Grothman aren't too bothered by what Americans really want. Like Paul Ryan recently explained, they have an even better plan.

Like Ryan, Grothman has plans for single parents gaming the system. I have yet to hear one reporter ask them  what they would do; mandate marriage to the father; cut off all support to teach them a lesson; round them up into labor dormitories. As always, it's the woman's fault for everything, including taking money from our middle class nuclear families.

Cart Before the Horse: And instead of fixing policies that contribute to these supposed social ills, they want to attack the victims.

Grothman's sick rantings sound like rejected pages of Scrooge's dialog from A Christmas Carol's.

From WKOW's Capitol City Sunday: 


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