Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Republicans Shifting Future Infrastructure Upgrades and much Higher Taxes onto our Kids so they can Freeload Now.

Our penny pinching conservatives are really just freeloaders, living off the work of past generations.

Below is a tweet on a topic I haven't found the right story to highlight yet with an entire post. But it is one of the most ignored and important consequences of GOP obstructionism in congress and in our state legislatures. Republicans will deny it, but they have done everything they can to prevent upgrading our near century old infrastructure.

Before any infrastructure projects are okay'ed, the Republicans are demanding looser environmental regulations, lower labor standards and wages, anti-green energy policy, and a return to pre-20th century exploitation of federal land for oil and minerals. It's a corporate centered policy based on a theory of job creation that hasn't worked.

It's not just infrastructure either. If Republicans are successful at removing the safety nets, future generations will be left reinstating those programs at an even greater cost, making the GOP platform a mindless waste of time and another cost shift to our kids. So thanks to Captain Clarion for giving me the chance to sound the alarm:

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