Thursday, May 29, 2014

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis victim of Abbott's Supporters Abortion Barbie Poster.

I’m beginning to think we no longer have an actual opposition political party. Instead of the Republican Party, we have a politically active gang of immature bullies playing a game of chicken with the country.  These aren't really adults, are they?

The following is too bizarre to be taken lightly. This can’t be the next step in campaigning, or the way one party expects to run a country:

Karli Wallace, Campaign Organizer, Democracy for America: We're not talking about a relatively tame little sketch here. We're talking life-sized pictures of a mostly naked Barbie doll with Wendy's face plastered on it -- complete with a pair of scissors and a plastic baby stuck in its belly. I can't remember a political attack as vulgar and sexist as this one. There are no words for how disgusting this is: Last week, allies of Greg Abbott's increasingly desperate campaign covered bus stops and phone booths with posters depicting Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie."


  1. I would think Mattel might have something to say about this.

  2. Hey, the poster celebrates the lady bits of Abortion Barbie!

    It gives little girls the ability to live the feminist power - they can take the tissue mass out of the womb and stomp it into little bits, then throw a party for their empowered doll!

    I don't know why NARAL, NOW and the Democrats don't embrace and celebrate this wonderful expression of female empowerment.

    1. And that's the type of "class" befitting the Texass GOP. Thank you for demonstrating, Steve.