Monday, May 5, 2014

86 year old Ruthelle Frank won't be forced to buy Birth Certificate to Vote. Would that be mandated someday?

It would be safe to say Indiana's voter ID law would never have passed had the courts listened to someone like Ruthelle Frank. Great story. She never had a birth certificate and doesn't want to be forced to buy one either. From WPR News, this audio:

WPR: Tuesday's decision by a federal judge to strike down Wisconsin's voter ID law was a victory for plaintiff Ruthelle Frank, an elderly woman from Brokaw who was propelled into the national limelight after refusing to get a birth certificate.

Frank, who is 86 years old, is being hailed by some as a civil rights hero, although she’s a reluctant celebrity. Frank has never had a driver’s license because she's handicapped. She never got a birth certificate, and was told that without one, she could no longer vote, even though she was an elected official in Brokaw. “I wouldn't pay up to $200 to get a birth certificate,” said Frank. Frank says she's happy with the judge's decision, and if the state of Wisconsin appeals, she will continue fighting.

“We're glad, and I hope we can march on further, as long as I can speak,” said Frank. Frank says she has voted in every election since 1948.

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Jane Gagle-Bennett said...

When I moved from Ohio to Indiana, I found that getting an Indiana driver's license was harder than getting a US passport