Friday, May 30, 2014

Ryan's New Tax Plan Gives more to Wealthy Parents with Kids, raises Poor and Middle Class Tax Bracket.

Paul Ryan has a new plan to combat poverty; penalize, tax them and vilify every family out of the public conscience. If enough people hate them, then their sad stories will fill fewer newspapers and disappear forever.

And that "no tax" pledge? Forget it. If it's directed at the poor and middle class, well, it's about time they have a little skin in the game. Got kids? Even worse:
Salon: The right’s new horror show: Forget the talk about modernizing conservatism and making it less nutty. The future's more dangerous than you think.

The so-called reform conservatives released a book of policy proposals last week to much fanfare … the biggest horror show of all is the tax reform proposal, which is nothing more than the usual screw-the-poor pablum.

Their proposed welfare state expansion consists of adding a $2,500 child tax credit to the existing $1,000 child tax credit and personal tax exemption for children …. the restrictions on who can claim these benefits leaves poor families totally out in the cold.

Under the proposal, a family making $70,000 per year who had twins would receive more than $7,000 per year in child welfare payments via the tax code. A family making $10,000 or $15,000 per year who had twins might receive a few hundred dollars in child welfare payments, if any at all. They’d also have the pleasure of seeing their current federal income tax rate of 10 percent bump up to 15 percent. 

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