Monday, May 5, 2014

Walker tells voters to ignore "all these side issues," like lousy job growth, cuts to voting times, relaxed mining regulations, loss of local control, cuts to education because we're better off now?

The Scott Walker social engineers in the state legislature continue to chip away at all of our individual freedoms under the banner, of all things, freedom and liberty. These top down big government Republicans have passed, or proposed passing so many "side issues" like:
...repeal of local control over cell phone towers in our communities;  abolishing local laws controlling mining activity, required vaginal ultrasounds;  dictated the spread of voucher schools;  banned sick leave and tried to ban local minimum wage laws;  ushered in a one-size-fits-all takeover and reduction in voting hours;  returned our racist mascots;  reduced the Earned Income Tax know, "all these side issues. Wisconsin is better off today than it was four years ago" says Walker...
...following the Great Recession. Oh yea, that!

Plus, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner told the crowd there should be a special cell in D.C. for the IRS official allegedly targeting tea party groups, and convention "party leaders blamed Obama for everything from alleged foreign policy mistakes to the slow starting but energy saving lights in the convention hall."

And now, after the shocking Journal Sentinel research by Craig Gilbert revealed just how extreme the partisan divide is in the state, and growing, the fact that it hasn't even occurred to Walker to try and bring civility back, well, that's all you need to know about this sociopath.

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