Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wisconsin Club for Growth hated secrecy, before they were for it in John Doe 2.

The Center for Media and Democracy hit the nail on the head with an observation that clarifies everything. The length of John Doe 2 has allowed the probes targets to redefine who the bad guys are. Yes, it’s crazy and laid out perfectly here:
prwatch: The purpose of secrecy in John Doe proceedings is to protect the identities of those under investigation before charges are filed. And in fact, the identities of Eric O'Keefe, Wisconsin Club For Growth, and the other groups under investigation were not revealed until last November, when O'Keefe chose to violate the John Doe secrecy order and to give the Wall Street Journal editorial board his version of events and reveal that he had been subpoenaed.

Ever since, the probe's secrecy has been a rallying cry for O'Keefe and his right-wing media supporters. "This secret investigation and gag order on conservative activists is intended to stop their political successes in Wisconsin," O'Keefe said in January, when it filed the federal suit. "The state cannot be allowed to silence political speech it does not like."

Yet now it is WCFG seeking to suppress the information that might allow the public to decide for themselves whether the John Doe was warranted. WCFG and O'Keefe "are asking the court to unseal every document except those documents that support the investigation and the defendants' legal defenses in this lawsuit," wrote Nickel's attorney.

The John Doe's secrecy has been exploited by targets of the investigation, who have filled an information vacuum through a series of strategic leaks, and have exploited this one-sided information flow to recast the probe as "an abuse of prosecutorial powers" led by malevolent prosecutors.
The lying liars Club for Growth: Check out this ridiculous comment about Judge Adelman’s decision that voter ID was unconstitutional at the Club's website:
To think ACORN-like election fraud won’t be attempted is beyond idiotic. Wisconsin’s continuing defenselessness in the face of this escalating threat is due to last week’s ruling by Lynn Adelman, a federal judge whose immediate prior employment was as a 20-year member of the Democratic Caucus in the Wisconsin State Senate. Adelman ruled, preposterously, that Wisconsin’s Voter ID law is unconstitutional.
Club for Hypocrites: I wonder how the Wisconsin Club for Growth can tolerate their own Supreme Court Justice David Prosser’s 17 years as a Republican leader in the state assembly:
Prosser represented the Appleton area in the Wisconsin State Assembly as a Republican from 1979 through 1996 … he served six years as Minority leader and two years as Speaker.
Pretty partisan. But was Justice Prosser a right wing zealot back then, unlike Adelman's tenure?
In 1981, he opposed removing criminal penalties on sexual activity and cohabitation between unmarried, consulting adults, though he did express a willingness to repeal the jail terms. He stated that legalizing sex outside of marriage would increase divorce rates, the number of children born outside of wedlock, welfare payments, sexually transmitted diseases, and abortions.

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