Friday, May 30, 2014

Please, Please, Please Give us the Republican alternative to ObamaCare!!!

What a gift that would be. Not only would it show how flawed the GOP's plan is, but:
1. It would make taxpayers and the insured pay for high risk pools (for preexisting conditions) so insurers can make all the profit.

2. Dump employee coverage at work forcing millions to lose their doctor and the plans they so love.

3. Provide a similar tax credit (like on the exchange) that forces many conservatives to pay for someone else’s coverage.

4. If conservatives didn't like the high co-pays and deductibles in the exchanges, they’ll have a fit over the GOP’s plan to expand Health Savings Accounts, the culprit that brought us those high deductibles in the first place.

5. Or if you or a family member is harmed or dies from a medical error, your family will only get limited compensation (putting a price tag on human life), so insurers don’t have to pay out so much money.
Please, please, please release your plan soon.

And this isn't the first time they've offered up something. I've numbered the points I made above to the GOP plan below. Fox News:
House Republicans are aiming for a vote this year on a GOP health care alternative ObamaCare, in part to show that the party has a position beyond merely repealing the law. The plan would (2) scrap the present system, where workers don’t pay any tax on employer-sponsored care, replacing it with a (3) tax break for the purchase of health policies by all individuals and families. The RSC plan would also (4) expand health-savings accounts, boost (1) federal support for state high-risk pools aimed at helping cover those with pre-existing conditions, while also (5) overhauling medical liability laws.

Introducing a health care alternative would open Republicans to fresh scrutiny, but could also broaden the party’s appeal by allowing them to draw a direct contrast with ObamaCare.
Yes, and I would welcome that contrast, but really, "broaden the party's appeal?" Nothing appealing about it. None of these ideas are new. Missing, but still in the works, is their ultimate idea to buying insurance across state lines, free from any basic coverage mandate. A la carte basically. 

My conservative friend in Milwaukee is big on this "buy what you can afford" insurance plan. I asked him what would happen if he came down with something he didn't have coverage for. His answer was priceless and typically big government conservative; he would mandate people still get medical treatment. Who pays for that? Isn't that a government mandate? Isn't that just crazy?

The party of responsibility’s message? You don’t have to be responsible. Doh!
The RSC plan would not be the first GOP proposal this year. In January, three GOP senators proposed a health plan in the Senate that would eliminate requirements for individuals to obtain health care and restrict the tax breaks workers get on their employee benefits. 

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