Thursday, May 8, 2014

Incidental Governor Walker not interested, hasn't noticed John Doe 2 Fiasco.

Scott Walker pretended to look surprised at all the attention around his "lucky" turn in the John Doe 2 investigation. It didn't hurt his campaign lawyer's wife is an assistant to Judge Randa, who took the extraordinary step of ordering the immediate destruction of evidence accumulated in John Doe 2.

Sure that looked suspicious to everyone, but what the heck. Walker's just too busy creating one job in November to notice...
Walker: "For me, I don't get distracted by that, um whether it's good, whether it's bad, whether it's somewhere in between...."
See, nothing to worry about. After all, in the end it all seemed to go as planned. WISC Channel3000:

Democratic challenger Mary Burke came out swinging:
"I just think the people of Wisconsin are concerned about all this special interest money that floods into politics, we don't know where it's coming from, ah we don't know whose behind it, and that's it's having too much of an influence on our elections. So I think that it's important that these issues are looked into,and that our laws are being upheld." 

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