Thursday, May 22, 2014

Walker's Wisconsin Trailing Midwest in Jobs...still!

If moving forward, but slower than everyone else, is progress than Scott Walker has something to brag about. But for most of us, he gets a big fat "F" for supply side failure. How much more do we have to give away to big business before the "job creators" decide to start "charitably" hiring again. Oh yea, consumer demand creates jobs. WSJ:
The coincident index combines four components of economic growth — nonfarm employment, average manufacturing hours worked, unemployment rate, and real wages — into a single measure of broad economic activity.

Even this by-the-numbers approach doesn't pass the smell test for stand-with-Walker brainiac's. Republican voters are so invested in their conservative ideology that to admit they're wrong would be to admit they don't know what's best for all of us:

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