Thursday, May 1, 2014

ObamaCare Sign-Ups Peak, Dissatisfaction Eases even in Red States.

The amazing sign-up surge in the ObamaCare exchanges proves Americans can get used to something that easy once the website bugs were worked out. From Vox:

 And for those conservatives hung up on how many uninsured signed up:
Health and Human Services found that, of the 5.2 million people required to answer a question about whether they had insurance at time of signing up, 13 percent (695,000 people) said they already had coverage. That suggests a high proportion of people seeking coverage on the exchange who weren't replacing an old plan, but rather were without health insurance in 2013.
And it seems no matter how Republicans whine, even in their red states, constituents are signing up in droves. From Greg Sargent:
It turns out that several of the states with some of the hardest fought races of the cycle are also boasting some of the highest Obamacare sign-up numbers in the country. In Florida, some 983,000 people are now signed up for private insurance through the federal exchange — up from 442,000 at the end of February. In North Carolina, some 357,000 people have now signed up for coverage through the federal exchange — up from 200,000 at the end of February. In Michigan, some 272,000 people have now signed up for coverage through the federal exchange — up from around 144,000 people at the end of February. 
Here's a breakdown on age:

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