Thursday, April 3, 2014

Racially insensitive Walker confidant Jim Villa lands job at diverse University of Wisconsin System as lobbyist.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee called to tell me he was not happy with Scott Walker hiring Jim Villa, a long time friend for a wholly new position at the UW for university relations. He mentioned cronyism, and said something didn't smell right, especially at a yearly cost of $178,000. That was a lot from a diehard Walker supporter.

This is a perfect example of government intimidation. Check out this pathetic statement from the university, now on the down slide:
UW System President Ray Cross downplayed the governor's involvement in the process while emphasizing that Villa was the unanimous choice of the search-and-screen committee. Cross said the system had concerns about this issue. But he said officials did a great deal of due diligence, even digging into the massive amount of emails. "To the best of our ability, we did not find anything," Cross said.
Didn't find anything, right? Uppity Wisconsin found something easily, and it's not insignificant. The diverse multinational student body needs a guy like this?
Shortly after Coca-Cola debuted its Superbowl commercial featuring people of different ethnicities singing America the Beautiful in different languages, Villa posted to his Facebook page, "Another reason why I hate Coca Cola..."
Villa's comment isn't anything new from the most racist, bigoted staff of numskulls exposed by the massive email dump from the first Scott Walker John Doe investigation. Ray Cross did little to screen out this very good friend of Walker's, if you know what I mean.


JB said...

Please change your headline to read "Racially insensitive" from "Racially incentive." Thanks!

Democurmudgeon said...

Yikes, what was I thinking, or not thinking. Thanks for the heads up.