Saturday, October 5, 2013

Walker's "United Sportsmen" debacle ignored by state Attorney General JB Van Hollen.

One Wisconsin Now wonders is it too much to ask:

"Rigged bids to send state tax dollars to politically connected front groups, lobbyist offers of junkets and cushy taxpayer-financed jobs that look like hush money aren’t the Wisconsin way. And the people behind these outrages need to be held accountable under the law!"


nonquixote said...

Amazing how rapidly one indignation to the public trust and deliberate ignoring of constitutional directives descripting the functions of an arm of state government, can push the previous one off the front page. Leah Vukmir ring a bell?

JB, many of us are keeping score.

Democurmudgeon said...

You're point is well taken, although I haven't really taken Vukmir off the list. That's a whole different story with a Van Hollen connection.

Yeah, should have probably brought that up as well. Thanks.

nonquixote said...

My comment was not meant to criticize your coverage, just directed to the sheer number of the outrageous events being perpetrated contrary to the rule of law and endlessly against the best interests, general welfare and the public trust doctrines of OUR state.