Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stop Tea Party Sean Duffy from Screwing up the U.S. Government with a policy of lies.

Rep. Sean Duffy just flat out lied, with conviction, and WKOW's Greg Neumann wasn't ready for it. But that's been the Republican tea party ploy for the last few years; the element of surprise using deceptively twisted logic.

Largest district in state deserves
better than Sean Duffy!
Duffy lied about the White House and Congress being exempt from the Affordable Care Act.
Duffy: "Listen, when the American people understand, when they watch the news, see your program that the President doesn't want the administration, his team, to be in Obamacare - he wants a separate program for them funded by the taxpayer, they don't like that."
Big deal, right? Are we really okay watching a congressman lie to voters? This is what tea party politicians like Duffy have to resort to, isn't it?

Neumann did successfully push Duffy to the point of desperation, forcing him cling to that lie in the most upside down way, because Duffy had nothing else to defend. Nothing. Try following this rambling response from Duffy:
Duffy: "So Greg, you ask the American people, I say, the president doesn't wanna be in ObamaCare, or the administration doesn't want to be in ObamaCare. They get treated differently than the rest of America? That was not the way our government was founded." 
Beside sounding completely incoherent, I've got a question for Duffy: Why didn't he make that same argument over politicians in congress getting government sponsored health care while denying it to the American public? "That's not the way our government was founded..." right Sean?

Just as sadly laughable, Duffy laments being forced to prevent the debt ceiling from rising because of important programs like food stamps (that he recently voted to cut dramatically), and seniors on Medicare being adversely affected. I've never seen a more scatter-shot vision of American policy in my lifetime.

And if Duffy is against an unwillingness to negotiate, he should ask Paul Ryan why he won't negotiate a budget with the senate. "That's untenable, that's unreasonable" says Duffy. Back at ya.

A last note on Duffy: American voters need to seriously question any party that would pass piecemeal spending bills instead of an entire budget. And as we've heard from Ezra Klein, government computers aren't programmed to make millions of monthly payments in a piecemeal way, and Duffy knows that. The desperation in using a veterans memorial as ammunition against Obama is a party low point.  I'm just stunned at how forcefully Duffy lied.

Ezra completely smashes the claim made by Duffy that the White House and congress are exempt:

Chris Hayes put together a nice presentation, a bit on the detailed side, about how congress is not exempt. Yet Sean Duffy's main point Sunday was just the opposite. Duffy voters are being treated like willing dupes. In fact, John Boehner is working behind the scenes to keep employer contributions going, which partially flies in the face of Duffy's argument. Having it both ways keeps GOP voters in the dark:

Here's how voters see Duffy:

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