Friday, October 11, 2013

Stand with Walker thugs attack Democratic Opponent for her Looks. Worried their Lifetime politician doesn't stand a chance against Private Business Executive.

You know Republicans are worried when they actually have to call a "special session" to pass a two year, meager $33 tax cut that no one will notice or won't see due to other local levy increases, just to boost their already phony image as fiscal conservatives. 

Would you trust someone who changes their shirt?
They've got nothing else to brag about and they're scared. They know future tax cuts and spending will devastate their budgets. So instead, they've decided to attack Walker's opponent on her appearance. Classy stuff guys. 

Democrats have been very kind not to mention the dated, cheap 60's bouffant beehive hair style of Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. It's almost laughable, but mostly sad. She looks like a 4 year old who's raided her moms makeup drawer. But Mary Burke, outrageously normal.

According to the Huffington Post a few days ago:
Mary Burke, a former Wisconsin Commerce Secretary and businesswoman, announced Monday morning that she will run for Wisconsin governor. Almost immediately, the attacks on her physical appearance began.

The conservative website Right Wisconsin posted a piece Monday stating that Burke, a Democrat, has undergone a "makeover" before mounting her challenge to Gov. Scott Walker (R). 

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