Thursday, October 10, 2013

Smart Phone Halloween? Why not.

My favorite holiday has always been Halloween, which explains why I post Halloween related stuff here so often. Halloween is getting "smarter" too.

What is basically the transistor radio of the 21st century, smart phones have become an almost Borg like attachment to our hands, taking control of our every waking moment.

So why not create Halloween costumes around one, two, three phones. Or even your now $500 paper weight antique tablet?
Last year we wrote about Mark Rober and his Digital Dudz, a line of shirts and corresponding smartphone apps that create animated Halloween costumes. This year, Mark is back with a new animation for his collection that displays a hand punching through your back and ripping your guts out. The gruesome animation is triggered by a smartphone’s internal motion sensor. The Digital Dudz apps (Apple and Android) and custom clothes are available to purchase online.

Just as much fun is this practical use of your baby at the next Halloween bash:
New York City illustrator and designer Stephanie Davidson has created Zombabiez, a “disgustingly adorable torso-only zombie Halloween costume for babies.” It is designed to fit most babies up to 9 month olds and is made from child safe materials. Stephanie is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and developmental costs of the Zombabiez costume.

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