Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sen. Mary Lazich suggests, Let's Staff the Polling Places with Right Wing Thugs!!

Head scratching political lunacy is so common place now, that what would have been jaw dropping once, is now simply lost in an avalanche of typically eye rolling Republican law making.

As usual, I’m always happy to pass along the comments of someone who’s able to boil down right wing madness to a few easy to understand truths. The ExpressMilwaukee's Lisa Kaiser laid it out:
Doh, she's at it again....
State Sen. Mary "loony bin" Lazich (R-New Berlin) argued that Wisconsin’s elections could be run better if more poll workers were affiliated with political parties. She said that using partisan poll inspectors would “provide better administration or accountability” and at one point called elections “a political operation."
Unbelievable but true, Lazich really wants to instigate war at the polls, just another one of her dangerous partisan obsessions:
Lazich told the committee that she was inspired to take action by the June 2012 recount in Racine … Kevin Kennedy, director of the nonpartisan Government Accountability Board (GAB), disagreed with Lazich, (saying) that a subsequent election there ran smoothly. A Racine County sheriff’s investigation of complaints at polling sites in Racine during the recall found no evidence of voter fraud or ballot tampering. Instead, the investigation criticized those who filed complaints for their own improper behavior at polling sites on Election Day. Manitowoc County Clerk Jamie Aulik, representing the nonpartisan Wisconsin County Clerks Association, urged the committee to keep polling places as impartial as possible. “Keep polls as least politicized as possible,” he said.
Yet despite no wrong doing and the criticism that right wingers behaved badly, that plea to keep those Republican thugs out of our polling places fell on deaf ears.  

See if you can understand Lazich’s surreal mind bending logic:
Lazich argued that the package of six bills under discussion would help law enforcement prosecute those committing voter fraud ... Lazich said the lack of fraud was due to the lack of evidence that could be used by prosecutors. “The process is open to fraud,” Lazich said.
I’m baffled. But then, maybe that’s what she’s counting on.

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