Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scott Walker using lousy jobs record to showcase dramatic projection of economic growth!!!

Too bad the following is too complicated for Walker's low information voters to understand. The bottom line teabillies, is that Walker's failure is so bad that the climb back up, even just a little bit, looks impressive but is nowhere near other states. 
Cap Times-Mike Ivey: It doesn’t appear Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is going to back down from saying Wisconsin is ranked No. 1 for economic growth by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, despite statements from the agency that doing so is a misrepresentation of its economic indexes. Speaking at a conference in Madison this week on freight rail and frac sand, Walker again referenced the Philly Fed "leading index..."

But here’s an interesting twist that suggests how desperate Walker is to dig up something, anything, that uses Wisconsin’s lousy jobs record as a positive (will news media notice?):
That percentage change, which is not produced by the Philly Fed, was apparently calculated by the Walker Administration from data spread sheets posted on the bank’s website.
It appears Walker’s dismal record is actually helping the percentage of change look spectacular, because the state has so much further to go too improve.
Economists have said one reason Wisconsin’s index appears to be improving so fast is because the state has been underperforming relative to its size and the age of its industrial makeup.

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