Monday, October 7, 2013

Republicans stunned, outraged a Millionaire would run as a Democrat.

Guess what, "liberal millionaire" Mary Burke is running for governor.

Let's also hope there's a primary to churn out a whole boatload of regular media coverage, dissecting an actual Democratic agenda, something I'm unfamiliar with at this point.

Did I mention she was a millionaire?

Who can forget this July campaign by WISGOP against Burke, when they found themselves in agreement with a few select Democrats who made the race even more difficult:

Republicans also purchased the web address, "," because either they too have a candidate by the same name, or they like to play fair, right? They also don't appeared too worried at all about her creds:
Phil Cox, the executive director of the Republican Governors Association, called Burke nothing but a "sacrificial lamb" for Democrats, pointing to Walker's election victories...
BREAKING!!! At least that's what the media wants us to breathlessly believe. The speculation? Van Hollen will run for governor and Walker for president. The party that has perfected distraction does it again:

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