Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Attacking Mary Burke, WISGOP reminds us how they lost 130,000 jobs due to their “free market” induced Great Recession.

WISGOP is proving to be more of tea party affiliated group than an actual opposition party, especially after their latest attack on Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke (another chance to blog her picture).

Let’s look at their latest intellectually insulting statement:
Burke was a central figure in the failed Doyle Administration – where a $3.6 billion budget deficit was created and over 130,000 jobs were lost in his second term – a mess that was fixed by Scott Walker and Republicans. Her candidacy would solidify an embrace of the failed policies of the past that include massive job loss, high unemployment, and billion dollar budget deficits. 
The budget deficit of $3.6 billion was a high “estimate” produced mainly in conjunction with the Great Recession, that also dumped 130,000 Wisconsinites from their once stable jobs. 

But the tea party WISGOP may want to take another look at their screening process for campaign staff, since the last batch of middle school interns put this amazingly juvenile site together under Burke's name. Are conservative voters willing to stoop to this level...really?

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