Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Half Time Dance Coach Fired in Marshfield for "Blurred Lines" Dance! Have fun finding another coach guys.

Sure the Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" video featuring topless women is controversial, but just audio itself is not. Add to that a half-time dance team that did nothing out of the ordinary, like go topless I guess, and you've got all the controversy of...nothing. The female superintendent warned the media and parents, no other information is forthcoming, meaning she can't defend her utter stupidity and knee jerk reaction.

It's a cute dance routine. See if you can see anything offensive:

How do these people get or keep their jobs?
Sheboygan Press: The head coach of the Marshfield High School dance team was fired last month following a performance to an edited version of Robin Thicke’s popular summer anthem “Blurred Lines” at the first home football game of the year.

The dismissal of Lisa Jolin by Marshfield High School Principal Steve Sukawaty has been met with confusion from parents and students and concerns that the dance team might be forced to disband without a coach who helped bring a measure of respectability to a team often seen as “social pariahs” by their classmates. “Before Lisa came, the team was held together by the parents. It was disorganized, and none of the girls in the school were interested in the team,” said Leah Hennick, a sophomore at Marshfield High School and dance team captain. “It was a bit of a social pariah to join the dance team at that point.”

The dance team performed to the song at halftime of Marshfield’s 10-9 loss to Wausau West on Aug. 23.
Here's WKOW's coverage:

The song holds the record for the most times a song has been played on radio in a single week, garnering 229 million impressions in early August.

Sukawaty and Marshfield Athletic Director Nathan Delany, both of whom were present at the football game, directed all questions to Peg Geegan, superintendent of the Marshfield School District

“Action was taken to remove Ms. Jolin from the assignment as high school dance coach based on appropriate reasons and following district protocols,” Peg Geegan, superintendent of the Marshfield School District said in an email. “Personnel matters are confidential, so further information will not be forthcoming from the district.”

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