Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Big Win for Capitol Protesters!!! Proving right wing "get a permit" advocates not real big on "Freedom."

No more permits for protesting folks:
jsonline-Jason Stein/Michael Phillis: Gov. Scott Walker's administration is paying more than $88,000 in attorneys fees and dropping its hard-and-fast requirement that larger groups protesting in the state Capitol receive a permit to hold demonstrations.

"This is a victory because giving notice is significantly different from forcing people to ask the government for permission to exercise free speech," said Larry Dupuis, legal director of the ACLU of Wisconsin. "Giving notice is very informal. The state can't deny use of the Capitol to anyone giving notice, unless someone else has reserved the entire space by obtaining a permit for the same time." Under the deal announced Tuesday, the state will pay $88,271 in attorney fees for the protesters who brought the suit. A judge still must sign off on the agreement.

Under the agreement: Groups with fewer than 12 participants in most cases will not be required to obtain a permit or provide advance notice for an event.

Groups with a dozen or more participants will be required to obtain a permit or provide advance notice of an event to use the Statehouse.

To provide advance notice, groups must notify the state at least two business days before the planned event and provide details of the event including the date, start and finish times, estimated number of attendees, and contact information for one or more people in the group. The advance notice event can be canceled if it conflicts with a valid permitted event or a tour group.

Advance notices can be issued for five cumulative days.